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Locality: Prague 1 / Old Town, price from: 286 € per night
By staying at the Old Town Square Hotel and Residence, which offers luxury accommodation and a premier location, you will save all the valuable time that you would otherwise have to spend on travelling across Prague. Location: Located in the centre of Prague on the Old Town Square, this hotel is just a few metres away from the Old Town City Hall. Rooms: The hotel consists of 10 unique rooms comprising of double rooms, junior and family suites that are beautifully designed and decorated with modern furniture. Most of the rooms can be interconnected to create very large apartments from where you can enjoy an unforgettable view of the square and its imminent surroundings. Restaurant: The restaurant specialises in international and Czech fine dining cuisine and has a seating capacity of 80 persons. After dinner there is a possibility to sit your-self down in a small lounge, sip cocktails and dance the night away. The cafe offers wide selection of drinks, sandwiches, salads and a soup of the day. General: This hotel also provides business services that can be arranged during your visit in Prague, including translation of documents, secretarial services, photocopying. The tour desk and the concierge team enable you to breath in the special atmosphere that the Old Town offers and discover the oldest but the most beautiful part of the old historical town.

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