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Locality: City, price from: 9 € per night
Spend your vacation in comfortable surroundings and enjoy pleasant attendance at the Imm Eco Hotel Chiang Mai, an exquisite property situated in a quiet location amidst beautiful lush green gardens. Location: The hotel is conveniently located on Bumrungrad Road, close to downtown Chiang Mai and its famous night bazaar, in a sprawling green garden that is a delight to behold. Rooms: The property offers a range of rooms to suit both the economy and the first class travellers, thereby ensuring a harmonious blend of comfort and pleasant stay. Restaurant: The coffee corner is a unique place for relaxation and comfort, providing a combination of hot and cold drinks, and light snacks. General: The property offers travellers enjoying simplicity and nature all that they love amidst an abundance of peaceful environment. The favourite pastime of guests includes swimming in the pool while enjoying the visual treat provided by the surrounding garden. The property's prime placement provides easy access to Chiang Mai's wonderful nightclubs, cultural sites, shopping centres and restaurants.

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