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Locality: Central Location, price from: 70 € per night
Offering excellent accommodation and convenient facilities, the Des Arceaux Hotel Montpellier is an ideal place for a perfect holiday. Location: A stone's throw from the heart of Montpellier, the Des Arceaux Hotel Montpellier offers you the opportunity to discover the original charm of a traditional, French town house. Rooms: This property offers a diverse range of luxury accommodation that are elegantly furnished with modern in-room amenities to ensure you a comfortable and relaxing stay. Restaurant: You can dine at any of the excellent on-site restaurant that serve a varied choice of delectable meals for you to enjoy. Also available is a chic bar that serves a wide collection of fabulous drinks for you to enjoy. General: Also available is a lovely garden as well as a exclusive lounge that are distinctively designed for your endless relaxation.

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If you're traveling and want to connect to the Internet in your hotel, of course, you will need suitable equipment - laptop, netbook, tablet or a mobile phone with Wi-Fi. It is useful to have a suitable cable as well - it is not always and everywhere possible to use wireless connectivity. There are usually no problems with the Wi-Fi standards (also known as IEEE 802.11) - a/b/g/n. You will often need a password, so do not forget to read the materials of the hotel or take the password (to your wireless network or to access via cable) at the reception.

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