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Wireless Internet via Wi-Fi, or at least cable Internet access is an usual requirement of many people on a business trip and of holiday travelers as well. Many hotels (and other accommodation types) are trying to fullfill this need today and to offer an internet connection. An exception are not even those in the city Ourense & Province. In our database of hotels there are hotels, which offer free Wi-Fi, hotels with free cable internet and hotels that mention the connection to the internet but do not specify the price (even this may be very useful in some cases). Our hotel lists in cities are ordered by their internet connection. You can find comments of users here as well. Thank you also for sharing your knowledge here. We hope you can find what you are looking for.

Francisco II Hotel Ourense

Locality: City: Centre, map, price from: 67 € per night
Internet ConnectionRoom with bathroomPhoneHotel restaurantAir conditioningThe hotel has a sports centerSafeFor the disabled
With a unique atmosphere, special hospitality and convenient facilities, the Francisco II Hotel Ourense offers excellent accommodation that makes you to feel at home. Location: Conveniently located in the city centre, this hotel i... Details and Ordering >>>

Arenteiro Aparthotel O Carballino

Locality: Province: O Carballino (24 Km), map, price from: 50 € per night
Internet ConnectionRoom with bathroomPhoneHotel restaurantAir conditioningSafe
Combining impeccable service and a wide array of luxurious facilities, the Arenteiro Aparthotel O Carballino with its casual and relaxing surroundings will surely convert your ordinary vacation to an extraordinary one. Location: B... Details and Ordering >>>

Monasterio De San Clodio Leiro

Locality: Province: Leiro, map, price from: 88 € per night
Internet ConnectionRoom with bathroomPhoneHotel restaurantAir conditioningSafeFor the disabled
The first monumental hotel, Monasterio De San Clodio Hotel Leiro comes with the natural beauty of the stone and the austere Romanesque style. Location: This property is housed in an ancient Monastery of San Clodio, in the middle o... Details and Ordering >>>

GH San Martin Hotel Ourense

Locality: City: Centre, map, price from: 84 € per night
Internet ConnectionRoom with bathroomPhoneHotel restaurantAir conditioningSafeFor the disabled
Offering comfortable accommodation and convenient facilities, the GH San Martin Hotel provides you with all of the quality amenities to make your stay a memorable one. Location: Located in the heart of the city, the GH San Martin ... Details and Ordering >>>

Puente Romano Hotel Ourense

Locality: City Centre, map, price from: 72 € per night
Internet ConnectionPhoneAir conditioningFor the disabled
Puente Romano Ourense is a small and comfortable hotel that offers a pleasant family atmosphere as well as cordiality and Galician hospitality along with an attention to detail. Location: Featuring unique location, this property i... Details and Ordering >>>

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Connecting to the Internet in a hotel: Practical Advice

If you're traveling and want to connect to the Internet in your hotel, of course, you will need suitable equipment - laptop, netbook, tablet or a mobile phone with Wi-Fi. It is useful to have a suitable cable as well - it is not always and everywhere possible to use wireless connectivity. There are usually no problems with the Wi-Fi standards (also known as IEEE 802.11) - a/b/g/n. You will often need a password, so do not forget to read the materials of the hotel or take the password (to your wireless network or to access via cable) at the reception.

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