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Wireless Internet via Wi-Fi, or at least cable Internet access is an usual requirement of many people on a business trip and of holiday travelers as well. Many hotels (and other accommodation types) are trying to fullfill this need today and to offer an internet connection. An exception are not even those in the city San Gimignano. In our database of hotels there are hotels, which offer free Wi-Fi, hotels with free cable internet and hotels that mention the connection to the internet but do not specify the price (even this may be very useful in some cases). Our hotel lists in cities are ordered by their internet connection. You can find comments of users here as well. Thank you also for sharing your knowledge here. We hope you can find what you are looking for.

Casanova Di Pescille San Gimignano

Locality: City Centre, map, price from: 100 € per night
Internet ConnectionTelevisionRoom with bathroomPhoneAir conditioningSafe
Nestled in a natural animal reserve, the Casanova di Pescille San Gimignano is the ideal place to stay and see pheasants, hares, wild boar, foxes, partridges as well as a place where you can still see glow-worms, hear the crickets... Details and Ordering >>>

Fattoria San Donato San Gimignano

Locality: San Donato, map, price from: 83 € per night
Internet ConnectionAir conditioningFor the disabled
Featuring outstanding facilities, the Fattoria San Donato San Gimignano is a perfect spot for a pleasurable stay in a serene ambience. Location: Set amidst the classic Tuscan green hills, the Fattoria San Donato is located in the ... Details and Ordering >>>

Villa San Paolo Hotel San Gimignano

Locality: City Centre, map, price from: 220 € per night
Internet ConnectionRoom with bathroomPhoneHotel restaurantAir conditioningThe hotel has a sports centerSafeFor the disabled
Combining exceptional location, fine climate, remarkable charm and welcoming atmosphere, Villa San Paolo Hotel San Gimignano is an ideal place for a splendid vacation at San Gimignano. Location: Villa San Paolo Hotel San Gimignano... Details and Ordering >>>

Poderi Arcangelo Countryhouse San Gimignano

Locality: City, map, price from: 90 € per night
Internet ConnectionRoom with bathroomPhoneHotel restaurantAir conditioning
Offering special hospitality and comfortable accommodation, the Casa Arcangelo Countryhouse is an ideal place for families and group of friends wishing to spend an agritourism vacation near San Gimignano and Siena. Location: Surro... Details and Ordering >>>

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Connecting to the Internet in a hotel: Practical Advice

If you're traveling and want to connect to the Internet in your hotel, of course, you will need suitable equipment - laptop, netbook, tablet or a mobile phone with Wi-Fi. It is useful to have a suitable cable as well - it is not always and everywhere possible to use wireless connectivity. There are usually no problems with the Wi-Fi standards (also known as IEEE 802.11) - a/b/g/n. You will often need a password, so do not forget to read the materials of the hotel or take the password (to your wireless network or to access via cable) at the reception.

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